UGGLEBO SWEDISH CLOGS are here, offered to you by JanSwedeClogs, the official distributor of overstock Ugglebo clogs in the USA. They are the most comfortable clogs to wear indoors and outdoors. Your feet will thank you when you put them on.  These wonderful and colorful Swedish clogs are made in the County of Smaland in Sweden. Any clogs you order will be made especially for you.

Based on long family traditions in clog manufacturing, Ugglebo offers premium quality wood clogs for maximum foot comfort and joy for the whole family. Ugglebo's product range consists of fashionable clogs for women, men and children. They use raw material from carefully selected suppliers in order to ensure the supreme quality that Ugglebo Toffeln stand for.

Swedish Wood Clogs

There are two main product groups with different types of bases, a wood clogs base and a comfort clogs base.

Both feature an orthopedic insole of wood.


Ugglebo Classic Swedish Clogs

Ugglebo's original clog with Swedish wooden clog base and an orthopedic insole of wood.

Click on Ugglebo Classic to see the many styles and colors available.  Shown to the right is Men's 704 in Marine (blue)

Ugglebo Classic 704 Swedish Clogs

Ugglebo Comfort Swedish Clogs

A soft base of durable polyurethane with an orthopedic insole of wood. These clogs are quiet and comfortable and prized by Nurses, Doctors, Dentists, other Medical Personnel and Chefs and many others that work long hours on their feet.

Click on Ugglebo Comfort to see the many styles and colors available.  Shown to the right is Ladies 401 in White.

Ugglebo Classic 401 Swedish Clogs